Silver GameDay Website from $3,500 ex GST


– club logos – optional on/off

– sticky menu with major sponsor included

– search

– full width news image an automatic rotate carousel of featured news

– calls to action over news (the three ‘buttons’) – but not the countdown – that is an Add on.

– fixture with games, ladder and stat leaderboard for the competitions – with a dropdown competition selector and tabs for further filtering

– two tier sponsor carousel

– call to action tiles will be a max of 8 and allow images to be applied

– youtube video stream integration

– events integration

– filter across three social channels

– editable footer

– colours and some background images will be editable

– latest news page to filter by category dropdown

– a second page layout that allows pdf / resource downloads

– google analytics


Add Ons:

– countdown clock on home page

– member counter on home page

– club finder page – note this is editable in back end, not a google search (except for the actual location which uses google map api)

– faq accordion

– form – example ‘contact us’

– live stream page

– resources library

– photo gallery controlled by Facebook account

– video library


$AUD 3,500 ex GST – talk to us about deferred payment.

Add Ons $AUD 500 each.


Plan Per annum ex GST
20 GB $588 (AUD)
50 GB $828 (AUD)
100 GB $1,135 (AUD)
200 GB  $1,830 (AUD)